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Performance Puppy


Are you an experienced handler looking for a class to take your young puppy to? You found it! And your game doesn't have to be agility. It can be flyball, disc or other performance event.

Who:  This is for experienced handlers only (or with Lynn's permission). Puppies may be 8 weeks to one year of age.

What: A four week class where we'll play lots of games designed to create a great working relationship with you and your future performer, build drive and also foster impulse control. We will also begin shadow handling, teaching puppies techniques over bars on the ground while they learn to love the game.

Class Specifics:

CLASS DATES: Sat , Oct 7 at 11:15am and Sat Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11 at 10am

COST: $83 per dog (discounted to $80 for check or cash). Must be paid in advance and is non refundable/non transferable except as noted below.

MAXIMUM:   6 Puppy/Handler teams. 4 spots left as of 10/2/17

WHERE: Outdoors in fenced meadow OR indoors in matted building depending on weather.

HEALTH CONCERNS: Since we are working with very young puppies, it is CRITICAL that all pups be healthy. I don't care about vaccinations. Special Note: If your puppy has had kennel cough or any other contagious illness within the last six weeks, you may NOT bring your puppy to class. Class fees will be either refunded or applied to the next available class opening when your puppy has recovered.

REGISTRATION: Please complete Registration Form here.

MISSED CLASS POLICY: While I do understand that life happens and something may come up which prevents you from attending a scheduled class, these classes are a business for me and I have expenses just like everyone else. Therefore I cannot allocate time to make up missed classes unless you wish to schedule a private lesson. Privates are $50/hour and may be shared with one other person

REFUND POLICY:   ¬†Puppy class fees are NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason with the one exception noted above under health concerns.