Outside Instruction

Welcome Rachael Smith!

I am thrilled to welcome Rachael Smith, who began her agility journey right here at Creekside. Rachael is now helping me with clients who have no dog training experience and/or need extra help with some of the foundation basics. When we do your evaluation, we will discuss whether you should start with me or with Rachael. Rachael is offering pre agility lessons at her home in Wallburg (about 20 minutes from Creekside). We are hoping in the near future to offer other dog sports classes with Rachael - stay tuned.

From Rachael...

I'm Rachael, and I'm sure you already know this, but if you don't, I started my agility journey at Creekside Canines back in 2016 with my shy little sheltie, Finnley. So, believe me when I tell you, you are in great hands with Lynn as you also embark on your agility journey. Finnley and I had to learn a brand new sport and overcome so many obstacles (a pun about the teeter) before we really came together as a team. With patience, time and Lynn's guidance, it started coming together. Finnley and I qualified for the 2022 AKC Agility Nationals. Just a few months later, he earned his MACH title. Since then we have also competed in UKI events and have made podiums, earned several titles, been to the US Open and made it to the finals at the Inaugural UKI North American Invitational. Like so many handlers in the agility world, I have a background in competing with horses and rode for the NC State Equestrian team. Teaching kids to ride paid my way through college. After college I became an Elementary school teacher, where I taught 3rd grade until after the birth of my second son. I live in Wallburg with my husband and two sons, Finnley, the sheltie ,and my border collies Spider and Salem. Salem is Lynn's Psychic's daughter and MindReader's sister.