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Note! Creekside Canines is not affiliated with these products or sellers in any way. They are simply products we like and recommend.


All performance dogs should be on a glucosamine joint supplement. Actually, I give this to all my dogs whether performing or not and ESPECIALLY elderly dogs with arthritis issues. There are many of this type of supplement available for dogs but beware, they are not all the same. Below are two products I know to be very good.

GOOD: Nature's Farmacy Phyto-Flex.
Company Web Site:

BETTER: Synovi G4
This product has turmeric and other benecial ingredients in addition to glucosamine and what is I give my dogs. I know from my personal experience with arthritis that turmeric can make all the difference IF taken with the appropriate absorption ingredients.
Amazon Link

Coconut Oil: Tremendous benefits are derived from coconut oil. Do some research and you'll be amazed. My dogs get at least 1 teaspoon a day. In colder months, I nuke it for about 40 seconds to soften it so it can easily be spooned. I like this one from Amazon and there's usually a good deal on buying two together.
Amazon Link

Non Chemical Flea/Tick/Heartworm Control:

Springtime Garlic Bug Off: The chemical poisons found in commercial flea/tick/heartworm medications have been linked to various cancers and neurological problems in dogs. These include ALL spot on products, pill form, etc. Dogs with seizure disorders (like my Wing girl) are particularly in danger from these products. After nearly two years of use in the flea/tick/heartworm infested area of North Carolina, my dogs are doing fabulously with this product. If you do your research, you will find that garlic in these quantities is perfectly safe. Remember, ANYTHING (including water) can be toxic to your dog if given too much. Garlic Bug Off comes in both granules and pill form. I mix the granules in with their raw food. Some dogs hate it and for those I recommend the pills wrapped in something very tasty.
Web Site Link:

Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Products: Wondercide makes a variety of natural products containing safe essential oils. From sprays, spot ons and most recently a collar. I've been using the collar on my epileptic dog for some time now and it's working well. Amazon Link Here


We need a variety of treats for different purposes. It's always best to have some high value treats that don't crumble when we break them up. Following are some of my favorites:

Real Meat: These are jerky type natural treats in a variety of protein sources. They easily break into small pieces without crumbling. Amazon Link Here

Northwest Naturals: Comes in a variety of protein sources. Fairly easy to break up. Amazon Link here

Charlee Bears: These are not meant to be broken up but they are great when you need to throw a treat on the ground as they can be easily seen by the dogs. Most dogs like them but I consider them to be a fairly low value treat (which we also need), Amazon Link here



As many of you know, I feed my dogs raw food. I use Honest Kitchen Preference as a base mix (insuring proper vitamins & minerals) to which I add a protein source, typically boneless, skinless chicken. There is a great deal of great information about raw feeding in general on the Honest Kitchen web site. You can get HK on Amazon. Locally, it can be purchased at All Pets Considered in Greensboro. In fact, they often have free sample packs of many HK products so you can try before you buy.
Honest Kitchen

Local Shopping for Raw & Other Stuff!
Greensboro Area: All Pets Considered, NEW 2ND LOCATION! 5004 High Point Rd., Greensboro, NC. Original store: 2614 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC. This store sells a very good selection of prepared raw foods and a huge selection of good quality kibble foods, along with with healthy treats. They have a great toy selection as well. Definitely far above and beyond your typical pet store.

Best 4K9:These people are awesome! They know their stuff and only carry the best. They have 3 locations including one near me in Oak Ridge. I actually used to shop with them in Miami when I lived in the Florida Keys. I was thrilled when they moved up here.

I do NOT recommend shopping at The Natural Dog.

Winston Salem Area: Aristopets in Lewisville. A small store with a fabulous selection. Blue Ridge Beef dealer. Great quality treats, dry food, raw food, toys, etc. Worth going out of your way for. They also have a coupon deal each weekk.


Toys,  Leashes, Etc.

Most Creekside students will find having a treat dispensing toys to be invaluable. Even if your dog isn't interested in toys! You'll learn how to use this one.

Clean Run SMALL Lotus Ball Treat Dispensing Toy. Be sure to get the small size regardless of your dog's size. The small is perfect for holding in your hand and will fit in a pocket. I recommend buying two or three as the velcro wears out. And do NOT let your dog have free access to the toy or it may well get destoyed. Save it for training only - you'll learn how to use it. There are others that look similar but really aren't. You can only get this one from Clean Run. Lotus Ball from Clean Run

Tug Toys: If your dog likes to tug, I highly recommend the bungee type tug toys sold by Clean Run. The bungee acts as a shock absorber between you and your dog and makes tugging much more fun for you! An assortment of these can be found on the Clean Run site.
Clean Run Tug Toys

Tug Leashes & Toys:   Rush to Tug has fabulous leashes, collars and they do custom work. You can have your dog's info embroidered on stuff. They also make bungee tugs and plenty of great things to spend your money on!


Agility Equipment Suppliers

You do NOT need to own your own agility equipment when you train at Creekside; however, at some point you may want to have a few things at home. For safety reasons, Creekside strongly recommends buying from well known agility suppliers. Below is a list of suppliers I do business with.

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