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Seminars hosted by Creekside Canines



Oct 28-30, 2022


QuickSilver Canine
5600 Clarence Rd, Julian, NC 27283

Indoors, climate controlled on turf.



Participation Info - Opening Dates

First Round Invites: These go to regular students at Creekside Canines via email on Aug 26th
Second Round Invites: Prior participants via email on Aug 31st
Final Round: Sept 12th All remaining spots are open to everyone who meets group criteria.

Registrations are only accepted via the online system - no cash or checks.

Click for online registration form. See below for availability. Remember, the first 1-3 usually get in off the waitlist. IMPORTANT - please read the waitlist and refund policy carefully!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Group 1: Getting the Distance (9am- 12:30pm)
Learn how to train some of the distance skills you may need if you are not as mobile as you wish or if you just don’t want to have to run so much.
Requirements: Dogs should be competing in the upper levels of one or more organizations such as AKC, UKI, USDAA, CPE. OR are known to Lynn and have her permission.
Working Spots: 8
Cost: $150
Audit Spots: $60
2 Working Spots available (as of 9/1)

Group 2: ISC Challenges (1:30pm - 5pm)
ISC is a non regular AKC class and stands for International Sweepstakes Class. These courses are much larger and require significantly more advanced skills. This group will focus on some of the skills you’ll need to be successful.
Requirements: Dogs should be competing in upper levels of AKC, UKI or USDAA and be comfortable with backside jumps. No previous ISC experience is necessary
Working Spots: 8
Cost: $150
Audit Spots: $60
4 Working Spots available (as of 9/1)

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Group 3: Advanced Tunnel Training (9am- 12:30pm)
Learn how to train the advanced skills such as the tunnel bypass, backside approaches and more.
Requirements: Dogs over 8 months who are comfortable with tunnels - dogs need not be at competition level yet.
Working Spots: 8
Cost: $150
Audit Spots: $60
Accepting to Waitlist

Group 4: Yes, that's a Threadle! (1:30pm - 5:00pm)
Learn how to train or improve threadle skills needed for advanced course work.
Requirements: Dogs may be as young as 8 months and need not be jumping full height. Handlers should have previous competition experience.
Working Spots: 8
Cost: $150
Audit Spots: $60
Accepting to Waitlist

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Group 5: Young Dogs with Experienced Handlers (9am - 12:30pm)
Are you training your next agility pup? This group is for those “tween” pups, say 8 months to 3ish years and will focus on some of Annette’s priority skills for this age group. No contacts or weaves. Dogs obviously need not be jumping full height.
Requirements: Handlers must have previous competition experience with at least one other dog.
Working Spots: 8
Cost: $150
Audit Spots: $60
Accepting to Waitlist

Group 6: Your First Agility Dog! (1:30pm to 5pm)
In AKC, also known as your Novice A dog. This group will work on handling skills to help you get ready for your first trial. No contacts or weaves but dogs should be old enough to jump full height.
Requirements: If you do not train regularly at Creekside with Lynn, you must be taking agility classes or private lessons with someone in your area (you’ll be asked to state where you are training as last time we had a misunderstanding and someone who hadn’t ever had a class got into a group).
Working Spots: 8
Cost: $150
Audit Spots : $60
One Working Spot Available as of 9/1

Click for online registration form. See below for availability. Remember, the first 1-3 usually get in off the waitlist. IMPORTANT - please read the waitlist and refund policy carefully


1. I am no longer requiring proof of covid vaccination; however, please be respectful of those who wish to maintain distance and wear masks.

2. While masks are currently optional, this is subject to change at any time by local regulations or policy by Quicksilver Canine.  If you choose NOT to wear one, please maintain social distance and respect the choices of others.  If local regulations should change between now and the time of the seminar, you are agreeing to abide by whatever they are even if masks are required at all times.  If you cannot do this, please do not participate in these workshops.

Refund and Waitlist Policies will also be on the form when you register. Please make sure you read them!


Before Sept 30th: Full refunds for working spots and audit spots will be given for any reason up to September 30th.   

Oct 1st - Oct 25th: Refunds for working spots (minus a $20 service fee) will be given ONLY if the spot can be re-sold and all other groups are sold out by the time of the event. 

NEW!  After October 25th: No changes wil be accepted for any reason. 

AUDITORS:  No refunds after September 30th.  The only exception is proof of positive covid test.

WAITLIST POLICIES Including Refunds:
A number of people make it in from the waitlist. For that reason, you MUST be paid in full to be placed on the waitlist. Why? Annette is in extremely high demand and because changes happen quickly and there simply is not time to go down the list asking each person, then waiting for payment or for them to say they can't make it. This policy has worked very well all the years I've been hosting Annette and it allows for the maximum number of people the chance to participate. If you do not make it in to the seminar, I will refund you your money using the same card you charged it to. I am also happy to switch you to an audit spot and refund the difference.

If you wish to be removed from the waitlist and receive a refund, the policy is as follows:

Before September 30th: You may withdraw for a full refund.

Oct 1st - 25th: if a spot becomes available for you and you choose not to take it, you will only receive a refund if there is another person the list who takes the spot minus a $20 service fee.

Once the workshops have been completed, anyone on the wait list who did not get in will receive a full refund. Again, you may also choose to convert to an audit spot and the difference will be refunded. Please note that it may take several business days for a refund to show in your account. This is not under my control.

About Annette Alfonso. I am lucky to say Annette was my trainer in south Florida for many years. She is still my go to person whenever I need help with my dogs. Since I first started working with Annette, she has become one of the most sought after instructors and seminar presenters around.  Recently she has become head coach of the USA European Open Team. She competes in multiple organizations in the US and has competed and medaled in numerous trials across Europe and South America.

Additionally, over the years, Annette's dogs have performed in a number of television shows, movies, advertising work, and Purina shows.  So she is not just a great agility instructor but also a terrific dog trainer.