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Beginning Agility Click Here

Beginning Agility

If you've never done agility before,you'll want to read about Getting Started in Agility here.

Group Classes:

ONGOING (Punch Card/Drop In) GROUP CLASSES. Ongoing group classes are done on a punch card system. A punch card is $124 (discounted to $120 for checks/cash) and allows for 6 punches. Each time you attend a class, your card is punched. Punch cards are NOT refundable in full or in part for any reason.  Class cards may not be used at privates, focus groups, or other special classes or events.

Current class schedule is at the bottom of this page.

If you'd like to use a credit/debit card for your punch card, you may do so using the following link. You will receive your card when you come to class. This may ONLY be used for punch cards for ongoing students. Buy Punch Card Here

Video bottom right: Creeksiders Jennifer & Julie rocking Master Jumpers at Concord. Both began their agility journey and continue to train at Creekside Canines.

Punch cards are NON REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON, non transferrable and are good for one year from the date issued.

Drop In Policy:   If you do not wish to buy a punch card, you may drop in to any class you are qualified for IF you have emailed Lynn ahead of time to make sure there is room. The drop in rate is $25/class.

ROLL CALL! Each week I send out a roll call email to all current students asking who is coming to which classes that week. I must have a minimum of 2 participants in order to hold a class. I need to know a minimum of 48 hours in advance whether you plan to attend. That way I know whether I have enough and can let others know. This also allows me time to set up whatever exercises are appropriate for the group.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy! IF you tell me you are coming and you can't make it, you must give me 24 hour notice otherwise your card will be punched twice at the next class you attend. No exceptions unless I cancel the class for weather or other issues!!!

New Student Policy: If you are already doing agility and would like to take a class here at Creekside, that's great! You will need to come for a half hour evaluation so I can see where you and your dog are in the process. The cost is $25 payable at the time of the lesson. You will also need to fill out the New Student Registration form. You can book the evaluation online and fill out the form at the following links:

1. New Student Registration Form
2. Book Half Hour Evaluation

Note! Maximum of 6 teams for Novice and Advanced. If I have more than 6 teams respond they wish to come to the same class on a given week, the first 6 make the class. If this is a consistent problem, I will add another session of that class.

Always check the CALENDAR to make sure I'm in town and that your ongoing class is scheduled before coming to class!

Private Lessons:

Students tend to benefit the most and progress more quickly from private or semi private time. This way we can gear the instruction to your specific needs. Privates are $62 per hour (discounted to $60 for cash or check) for 1-2 students. Half hour is $31 (discounted to $30 for cash/check). 1.5 hours for 1-3 students are $93 (discounted to $90 for cash or check).

Privates are available most days and some evenings. We are trying a new online booking system where you can book your private and pay for it all online. Privates are only accepted from ongoing students and those who have had their half hour evaluation lesson (see getting started in agility) which may also be booked online. If you have any problems with this new system, please email

Book a Private Lesson

Ongoing Class List

Novice: This class is a combination of obstacle skills and handling skills. Dogs do not need to be jumping full height so older puppies are welcome. Students must have had their evaluation and worked a few private lessons with Lynn before being eligible. If you have started agility elsewhere, you will need to come for a half hour private evaluation lesson at $25. Upper level dogs who are having issues with any obstacle are welcome to attend this class any time.
Wednesdays 10am & 6:30pm

Weave Training: For beginner dogs or dogs who need retraining. You will learn how to teach your dog to weave using the 2x2 method. Your dog will not work too hard for too long so you may take the earlier Novice class and stay on for weave training. Your dog should be at least one year of age before beginning weave training so that growth plates are closed or close to it. NOTE: Dogs can only do weave training for a very short period of time so if the class is small, we may finish in half an hour or so. We train each dog as an individual. Max 8 teams
Wednesdays, 9:15am & 7:45pm

Skills & Drills:   Each week we will focus on a different skill. The skill of the week will be announced in the weekly roll call email. Some examples of weekly skills are: rear crosses, blind crosses, Jaakko turns & reverse spins, weave drills, serpentines, boxes, distance handling.
Thursdays, 7:45pm

Exc/Masters Agility:   For those competing in Open, Exc or Masters levels in AKC and other venues or with Lynn's permission. This is a handling class. Dogs must be proficient on all obstacles including 12 weave poles. Obstacle issues may be addressed by attending a Novice class or, of course, in a private session. Class will last as long as it takes for everyone to get through the challenges.
Maximum participants: 8 teams
Tuesdays, 7:45pm

NEW! Performance Puppy:  For puppies 8 weeks to 1 year. This class will focus on relationship building, focus, and basic skills needed to give your pup a fabulous start as an agility prospect as well as become a great member of your household. As your puppy grows and skills are gained, he or she will be ready for Novice, Contacts and more. Handlers need NOT have prior experience. NOTE: If you and your pup are not known to me, you must bring your pup for a half hour evaluation prior to joining this class. Fill out the registration form and sign up online here:
Wednesdays, 2pm

Contacts Class:  This is for both novice dogs just learning contacts (A Frame, Teeter, Dog Walk) and experienced dogs who need contact tune ups or handlers wishing to take their contact training to the next level.
Saturdays, 10am (starts 12/9)

Sunday Jumping:  A super popular handling class appropriate for both novice handlers, experienced handlers and every handler in between! Your dog need not be jumping full height. We will be working on short jump sequences appropriate to the skill level and age of each dog/handler team. This is a great opportunity to work on your skills and also meet other Creeksiders from different class levels. This class is known to be super fun for everyone with a great spirit of camaraderie.
Sundays, 10am

Important Policies at Creekside Canines

Gate will be open half an hour prior to class time. PLEASE ARRIVE early enough to potty your dog prior to start of class. Please clean up after your dog EVEN IF HE/SHE POOPS IN THE BUSHES.


NO SMOKING anywhere on the property!

No prong or electronic collars anywhere on the property.

Flexi leads are strongly discouraged but if used must be kept in the locked position.

The equipment is off limits to everyone unless you are working in class.

DOGS MUST BE LEASHED or crated AT ALL TIMES when not working in class. There are some crates available for student use but there may not be enough to go around so make sure you have one in your car.

Female dogs (bitches) in season are always welcome here but please notify Lynn as we also have intact males!