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AKC Event & Award Search:

This link will eventually get you to all the trials approved across the US. First, select Companion Events -- Agility. Then you can narrow your search by adding location options, date ranges, indoor/outdoor/under cover, etc. Since we are close to many locations out of state, I typically select NC, SC and VA. You can also find the results of past trials by looking the trial up and clicking through to find what you want - a fairly cumbersome process.

AKC Event & Award Search Link

Trial Secretaries' Web Sites

The trial secretaries' web sites have all the info you will be needing. Often they have info such as judges before the AKC site does. You will find the premium (entry) there, and, usually several days before the start, they will have the estimated timeline of the trial, preliminary running order, worker sign up sheets and during these COVID times, the course maps are typically being posted there after 6pm the night before the trial. Many clubs are also using the Agility Gate app and course maps are also found there. Below are the usual trial secretaries in our area. Each club hires the secretary of their choosing and they may vary from year to year.

Laurene & Jenn Galgano (

Chris Tracey (TriadDogAgility)

Tina Eastman (

Janice Morton (

Robin Early (Early Agility)

Shannon Jones

Entering Trials

There are several ways to enter trials. AKC online entry, entry service agent and paper entry. Not all trials will accept online entries. This will be stated in the premium. There are differences and advantages and disadvantages to each. Online methods are a bit more expensive AND if you withdraw before closing date, they keep their fees so you don't get a full refund. Paper entries are sent with a check. Checks are not cashed until the trial closes so if you withdraw prior to closing date, your check is shredded.

AKC Online Entry system

Paper Entries FREE Service for filling out the form!: You will have to create a free account and enter your dog(s) info one time. Then you select the dog, select Agility Entry and fill in the relevant info. It will print out a completed entry form for you to sign and mail.

LabTestedOnline: This is a membership based online entry service that some trials use. Membership is $10/year at the time of this writing.

Withdrawing from Trials

You can withdraw from a trial up until the closing date and receive a full or almost full refund (depending on how you entered). If you sent a paper entry, you must email the trial secretary prior to the closing date. If you entered online, you will need to withdraw by that method.


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