Focus Groups & Workshops


November 11, 2023 (10am to Noon)

Tricks Workshop for Sports Dogs or Sport Puppy Prospects!

Why should my sports dog or prospective sports dog/puppy learn tricks?
Teaching your dog tricks is one of the best ways to build a working relationship with your dog that will be the foundation for anything you choose to do in the future. It will help you understand how your dog learns and will build a positive working environment where you can learn to become more valuable to your dog than the environment.

Instructors: Lynn Brodie & Emma Aldridge . Lynn has been competing in agility for many years and has done commercial acting with her dogs. Emma competes in agility, dock diving, UpDog and is closing in on her Trick Dog Champion title with her Golden Retriever, Timber.

Where: Creekside Canines, Kernersville, NC

Cost: $35/dog

Number of dogs: We will take 10 dog teams and split into two groups - one for each instructor

Weather Issues: This workshop will be held outdoors. If there are weather issues, we will postpone. If you cannot make the new date, you will receive a refund. No refunds for any other reason.


Absolutely NO aggressive dogs will be tolerated. Any dog that poses a threat to either human or dog will be excused immediately with no refund

HOW TO REGISTER: Online registration with prepayment via PayPal is required. Click here to register

As of 10/23, there are only 4 spots left

What to bring: Crate (unless you train at Creekside), water for your dog, plenty of treats (and several different kinds). Also bring any toys your dog likes. Poop bags of course.

Below are of some of the tricks that we can cover:

Spin both ways
Hold an object
Back up (can do orbit if they already know how to back up well, or backing up from a bow or down position)
Middle between legs
Say prayers/sit pretty
Limp for anybody already good with tricks
March (wave with alternating paws)
"Flat" - lie flat with head on ground between paws (makes cute pictures - MindReader photo below)
Leg Weaving
Press a button (i.e. That was easy button!)
Cross paws
Retrieve to hand (bring an item back and put it in your hand)

NOTE: Obviously, it will be impossible to teach your dog a complete trick during the workshop. We will help you with the initial steps and give you the "recipe" for teaching the complete behavior over time. You'll want to take notes!