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Beginning Foundation Agility

Get off to the right start at Creekside Canines where the training is POSITIVE and reward-based. I have a great deal of experience with many breeds of dogs and have put high level agility titles on 4 of my own dogs. I compete in AKC agility trials at least once a month so my training is up to date and always relevant.

Agility is for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is for both mixed breeds and purebred dogs. Jump heights are based on the size of the dog. In AKC, jump heights start as low as 4 inches and go up to 24 inches. However, agility does require some athletic ability so your dog must be physically sound. See Safety of Dogs below for further info.

How to Get Started...   Getting started in agility is fun and easy. You can do it two ways. You can take one my foundation classes (usually offered in winter and early spring) or you can take a few private lessons. You are also welcome (and encouraged) to partner up with a friend to share your private lessons with. This helps give the dogs a break as we can take turns working and also helps financially. Private foundation lessons are currently being taught by one of my students and are very reasonably priced. Email to be put in touch with her.

Prior Training:  You can start a foundation class (or privates) with no prior training! If you've already had basic obedience somewhere, that's fine. You will find we do things a bit differently for dogs going into agility.


About the Beginning Foundation Agility Class...    These classes are usually offered in the fall, winter and early spring. They typically fill very fast so don't wait to sign up!

Once again, the type of training done is POSITIVE, reward-based training. Dogs are never forced to do anything. I am a strong believer in teaching dogs how to think for themselves which creates a more confident dog. Dogs are allowed to learn at their own pace and are rewarded for making the choices that we like. Just like children, every dog is different. Your dog may not progress at the same rate as other dogs. I embrace these differences and work with each dog as an individual.

SAFETY OF THE DOGS is my first priority. For this reason, we work "on the flat" meaning we don't put the dogs on obstacles until they've had this foundation (and in the case of young dogs, until they also are physically mature enough to safely negotiate them). We work on obstacle approximations such as boards on the floor, boards that wobble a bit, etc. We will be playing lots of fun games with the dogs to teach them that working/playing with you is fun and rewarding. We will also teach your dog jumping basics (bars on the ground for puppies) and tunnels which most dogs love. Dogs less than one year of age should NEVER jump full height. In fact, until growth plates close, they shouldn't jump anything higher than their hock.

(Video below is one of my students (and our Head Start instructor), Jennifer Jordan & Shelby, with their winning Novice Jumpers run at the Concord trial in November, 2014.)

I teach all my classes on the assumption that everyone will compete. There are two reasons for this. First, the rules for obstacles are for the safety of the dogs and, as stated earlier, I make sure dogs are physically and mentally ready to safely negotiate them. Secondly, many of us who compete in agility had no intention of competing when we first started but ended up there! Either way, it's lots of fun for you and for your dogs and will help you develop a relationship with your dog unlike any other.


There will be homework! And it will start before your first class. As your class start date approaches, you will receive email with lots of information and your first assignments! Homework will only take a few minutes every other day or so but I do expect it to be done!

After Foundation: Once you've completed Foundation, you can move into our ongoing class format where you buy a 6 class punch card for $120 and each time you come, your card gets punched. This option saves $30 as the drop in rate is $25. You may join the Novice/Starters class and/or Jumping class. Novice/Starters will focus on obstacle training with some handling skills. Jumping teaches you how to handle (direct your dog) through a course. You and your dog will progress at your own pace through these classes. See Agility Classes for further info.

Class Specifics:    

Fall 2017 Session: Tuesday nights, 6:30pm: October 10, 21, 31 Nov 7, 14, 21 (no class Oct 17).

COST: $124 per dog (Discounted to $120 if paid by cash or check). Must be paid in advance and is NON REFUNDABLE for any reason (see Refund & Missed Class policies below).

MAXIMUM: 6 Dog/Handler teams. Our space in the building is very limited so if you'd like to bring someone with you to class, please let us know in advance. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12!

ELIGIBILITY: Open to healthy, sound dogs & puppies 4 months of age and older. Dogs should be friendly with people and other dogs. No previous training is necessary but there will be pre-class homework. NOTE: While I hate to single out breeds, IF you wish to bring a pitbull (or pitbull mix), German Shepherd, Malinois or other large breed often used in protection and your dog is not already known to me, you must schedule a half hour evaluation lesson prior to signing up for class. The cost for this is $25.

LOCATION: Classes will be held indoors on mats at Creekside Canines in Kernersville. I will give you the actual address when you sign up but I am located off of County Line near Beeson Rd. I do not publish the address on the web site as we live here!

SIGN UP:     Register Here: Be sure to read Refund Policy below prior to registering. Your spot is not reserved until payment is received.

MISSED CLASS POLICY: While I do understand that life happens and something may come up which prevents you from attending a scheduled class, these classes are a business for me and I have expenses just like everyone else. Therefore I cannot allocate time to make up missed classes unless you wish to schedule a private lesson. Privates are $50/hour and may be shared with one other person

REFUND POLICY:   ¬†Foundation class fees are NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason. Your fee may be transferred to the next foundation class IF your dog has acquired a contagious disease within 6 weeks of the start of the first class (veterinarian certification is required).